Septimius The Great – “Who’s The Sexiest (Remix)”


Septimius The Great adds an additional pulse of power on “Who’s The Sexiest”. By letting the song feel a little unhinged complete with nice electro touches Septimius The Great add a bit of wildness to the proceedings. Throughout the track the song at times feels like it simply wants to suddenly swell in power and energy. It is a testament to Septimius The Great’s skill that the song remains so irresistibly catchy. For the song is structured in such a way to fully emphasize the carefree energy that resonates throughout the piece. Volume is a must as the song virtually depends to be blasted as loud as possible.

“Who’s The Sexiest” RMX –


Incredibly playful the song possesses a good tongue in cheek sense of humor. As it progresses the song explores darker textures. Evolution of the piece finds a good balance between the more intense moments and the grandiose sweeping gestures of sound. The dance friendly nature of the song helps the oftentimes crushing intensity of the beat as it hits so hard. Random interjections answering the question posed by the song help add to the overall sensibility of the track and makes it rather approachable. With a tight sound the song at times appears to be tempted to outright move into rave-up territory. Vocals for the piece are real and distorted making the mix a bit more enjoyable than would otherwise be the case.

Judging from the song it is pretty clear to determine who the sexiest really is.

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