Morgan Mecaskey refuses to pull any punches on her new EP, Lover Less Wild. The Cleveland native has been busy establishing herself as a solo artist who Cleveland Scene says is “one of the cities better singer-songwriters.” Some may recognize Morgan from the indie-folk band Tinamou, which she formed in high school. Lover Less Wild is one of Morgan’s most resonant and powerful works and is out today.

The four-song Lover Less Wild opens with the visceral, engaging “White Horse,” sounding like Melissa Etheridge fronting The National. Waves of trembling guitar and expulsive drums create a beautiful tempest while Morgan’s bassy croon serves as an anchor. “Fighting Extinction” switches gears, starting with an ethereal melody and building to a pinnacle of soulful rock, driven by horns and organs. The EPs title track follows next, gorgeous pop laced with organ stabs and handclaps before shifting into full-on assault mode reminiscent of Metric or More Adventurous-era Rilo Kiley. The album closes with the discerning folk ballad “Crushed,” which showcases Morgan’s fantastic guitar chops and intimate side.

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