There are talented artists trying to make it in the music industry daily. These men and women can be in any genre of music whether it be country, classical, pop, hip hop and even rap. With more and more emerging artists, it pays to be on the lookout for the best. Here are five new rappers you may be hearing more of in the future.

Deniro Farrar
Deniro Farrar is a rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina. He has been on the scene since 2010, but recently signed with new management which may amp up his career. He inhibits a calm, raspy voice that is a bit on the soulful side. Internal rhymes and punchlines are included in his music and his lyrics are autobiographical. His hometown is a recurring theme as well.

Denzel Curry (Photo)
Curry is a rapper who grew up in Carol City, Florida. He began writing poetry at a young age, and started rapping when he was just in sixth grade. He has been compared to a young DMX. He is only 19 years old and in 2013 he released his first solo album. His rhymes are intense and mimic someone much older than a teenager making him wise beyond his lyrical years. His album Nostalga 64 has been described as brilliant.

Kilo Kish
You definitely have to give some credit to the women rappers out there. One to be on the lookout for is Kilo Kish. She hails from Orlando, Florida and has been active in the industry since 2011. She combines rapping with singing to create an eclectic sound that has become known as cloud rap by those in the industry.

Tree is a triple threat in the rap industry. The Chicago native writes, raps and creates his own beats. This is talent at its finest. His voice is not that of the traditional rapper, but more of a man much older. It is described as a rhythmic groan, definitely unique and new. Check it out on his 2013 album Sunday School II: When Church Lets Out.

Chance the Rapper
Chance the Rapper is another Chicago native. He is known for his high pitched, raspy voice and gained a lot of recognition in 2013 when his second mixtape Acid Rap was released. As one may be able to tell from the title, many of his lyrics focus on drugs. He is also one who combines both rapping and singing in his projects.

These are just a few of the many talented artists making their way into the rap game. Be sure to check them out.

Informational Credit: Three P Beats

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