Ghostrain, Eulogy For The Living


Opening track ‘Let’s Rock And Roll’ is unabashedly euphoric in its use of classic rock tropes, with the swirling organ and fizzing guitar solo.

Eulogy for the Living CoverThe track gets the album off to a roaring start, before moving into ‘City of the sun’, a more smouldering track with gritty vocals and a low bass rumble that adds weight and texture. ‘Suit And A Tie’ pushes things in a more upbeat direction, with the glorious organ creating a rich backdrop for the guitars to sit on top as the gospel tinged backing vocals soar along, while ‘Propane Charlie’ is a more ambling track that plods along like someone heading home after a long night at the bar. It’s a sound that suits the song’s content perfectly, with a slight sadness beneath the weaving rhythm. ‘Push and Shove’ is a real singalong number, exactly the kind of some that would get people joining in whenever it might be put on the juke box, while tracks like ‘Blackwater Sorrow’ are moments on the album that are packed with a sad gravity. The cover of Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ is a neat touch, probably unnecessary, but that doesn’t stop it being a fun moment on the album, while the closing track ‘Great Wanderer’ brings together all of Ghostrain’s signature sounds to create a warm and engaging conclusion to the homage to rock that is Eulogy For The Living.

By Chris Marsh

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