Someone said that clothes should be a frame for the face. I take it to mean that your clothes should reflect the kind of person you are. Now, I have nothing against trends; they are a display of designers’ creativity and there are a lot of great trends that have come out over the years. What is not healthy is the ‘mission impossible’ that is trying to keep up with these trends.

I mean think about it: the people that are recognized today as fashion gurus and trend setters are the ones that dared to choose clothes that fit their personal style rather than following the trends of their times. We should all take a leaf from their books and start creating our own personal style; something that says ‘you’ rather than looking like the next girl.

Now, let me make a disclaimer here. Looking unique and individual does not mean looking crazy. In addition, please realize that your style may be similar to someone else’s and that does not mean that you are not unique. The thing about trends is that it is not so much rebelling against the status quo; rather, it is about staying true to who you are from the inside out.

The first thing about being individual in your style is, knowing your body type, and the size and styles of clothes that are flattering on you. You will need to love your tape measure for this to work. Make sure you know your actual measurements for the bust, waist and hips for the dresses so that when you are looking for cheap women’s clothing online, you can make an informed decision.

The same goes for the jeans (without the bust measurements, of course). Experts advise that you take the measurements of your favorite pair of jeans and choose the new ones based on these measurements. Shopping for jeans can be frustrating but this is a way to make things easier for you especially if shopping online. Ask for the exact measurements if they are not readily available before making the purchase.

The other thing about the measurements is that you will be able to know your body type and there are hundreds of guides on how to dress different body types in a flattering manner. You can look at these guides to give you a sense of what you should be looking for when you are shopping online.

The next thing about being individual is being true to your budget. Being stylish does not have to be expensive so you can scour the internet to find deals on affordable stylish clothes that will truly represent you. The last thing you want to do is get into debt over clothes so please be honest with yourself about how much you can spend and you are sure to find beautiful unique items that will be very affordable.

Individuality is about being confidence in whom you are, more than what you are wearing. You need to love you and that will make anything your wearing look fabulous because you are in it. Happy shopping!

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