Whether you’re planning a party or a corporate event, hitting on the ideas that will make it not only memorable but also enjoyable for your guests or attendees can be a headache. Getting the venue, the decor and especially the menu right will be high on your list of considerations, and can take months of careful planning, but when it comes to something as subjective as the right entertainment it’s easy to draw a blank, and it can be difficult to hit exactly the right note.

Avoiding anything off-key and hitting that right note is much easier when you use a company like Incognito Artists, and some of your staff and guests, well… aren’t what they first appear to be. From the middle of the crowd, singing waiters delivering a perfectly-timed Toreador Song, Nessun Dorma, favourite ballad or even music theatre standards will create a unique impression on your guests, especially if they’ve been ladling soup or pouring wine just a few moments before with no hint of their true function.

Singing waiters are generally fully professional performers, with opera or west end credits to their names. Classical singers train for many years, so there’s a guarantee of an outstanding and charismatic performance from your chosen artistes. The sheer thrill of hearing a trained singing voice close-to, is guaranteed to make a lasting impression – we’re used to hearing our singers across the footlights from a theatre seat, so the rare experience of those vocals right near you can be utterly overwhelming in just the right way.

The best thing about working with professional entertainers with years of performing experience behind them is that they won’t hit the wrong note in terms of atmosphere for your function. If you’re unsure of what material is suitable, you have the rare advantage of their years of professional expertise to tap into, so don’t be afraid to ask questions and even make requests if you have guests with special favourites. If you prefer female voices, or a balance of singing waiters and singing waitresses, most agencies will supply a variety of voice types, in addition to other incognito entertainers, including dancers.

Whether your event is attended by invited family and friends as guests, or by conference delegates letting their hair down at a post-lecture dinner or party, surprise music served alongside the dessert course will make sure it is talked about for years to come.

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