The Voices of Terror, Rock-Rap Dynasty


The Voices of Terror creates a frantic assault on the senses with Rock-Rap Dynasty. With a hyperactive approach matched with an ominous aggressive tone the album manages to create something equal parts compelling and disturbing. Completely relentless the energy keeps up for the duration of the album. Such consistency is stunning as is the remarkable attention to detail the album possesses. Volume is a must in order to get the full effect. Among all the songs there is a distinct sense of dread that is reinforced by strings and a far-off chorus, as if the songs are the soundtrack to a tragedy. Lyrically the songs are incredibly dark bled dry of any sense of hope and optimism.

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“Warning” opens the album. After a few moments of setting the mood the rhythm and rapping introduce the claustrophobia that defines the album. For “I Am The Beast” the song takes multiple rhythms and has them duke it out making the song strongly resemble a chaos of sorts. On “Lethal Weapon” The Voices of Terror mix blunt employ with a sense of playfulness shown by the xylophone samples woven into the song. Tension is built into “Dynasty” with a harsh industrial-like rhythm driving the song forward. By the final stretch of the album things get progressively more desperate-sounding, with the finale “Voiceless” an instrumental that manages to match the stylistic elements that define the rest of the album.

Brash brilliant and boldly exploring the ugly Rock-Rap Dynasty is a moody album full of heart.

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