An eyelash serum or conditioner provides impetus to the eyelash growth process and conditions the lashes, making them soft, lustrous and curly. However, choosing from the available range of eyelash enhancing serum and conditioners could prove to be a challenge task, unless you know enough about these formulations. If you are seeking permanent enhancement for your eyelashes, reading reviews of top enhancement serums like Marini Lash on a reputable review website like Lash Growth Serums would surely help. Remember that all products may not be suitable for you. And if you are looking for a trendsetting formulation that has been scientifically proven, Marini Lash is a preferred option to consider.

Knowing the Marini Enhancement Serum Well

This lash enhancement compound, which was created way back in 2005, has paved the way for several imitations ever since. It is unique on account of its non prostaglandin formula. The compound is a combination of peptides, which has been certified by clinical studies. It holds the promise of delivering amazingly dense, gorgeous and lush eyelashes for that perfect look. Whereas prostaglandin formulation has been around for a while, Marini proved to be a pioneer in this domain by introducing a prostaglandin free compound. Apart from other key components, the product comprises of Tea Leaf Extracts, Linoleic Acid and Folic Acid for nourishment and conditioning.

Knowing How to Use the Serum

Although the product has been around for years and have not been associated with too many side effects, you should take safety some measures when using it. Remember that the eyes are extremely sensitive organs. You need to abide by some usage directives in order to keep your eyes safe. The manufacturers suggest that you should use it only once in the evening. You need to apply it to your upper lash line much like you would have applied eyeliner. Apply only a small amount each time. You need to use the applicator brush and apply the gel to the roots of the lashes. Avoid excessive use of the product, as it could affect your eyes.
Why you should choose this product

Following are some of the top reasons that set the Marini Lash apart from other lash enhancement products.

•It is easy to apply.
•It has been around since 2005. This simply shows that the product is quite effective.
•It is based on a unique formulation which is prostaglandin free.
•It shows quick results.
•Although enough proofs of clinical trials are not available, the product is considered safe to use. It triggers no or very little side effects.

Medical experts suggest that you should know about a lash enhancement serum or conditioner in detail before choosing and using it. Remember that careful selection is important when you are choosing anything for your eyes. It is important to judge a product based on certain parameters, such as, overall success rate, ingredients, short-term and long-term results, side effects, and customer satisfaction. Acclaimed review websites like enable you to know about a product in detail and choose accordingly. It is important to read through the disclaimer carefully before you choose.

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