Pipe Dream, The Oak


Cleveland based Pipe Dream haven’t had their head in the clouds putting this well executed EP together.


The OakOpening with title track ‘The Oak’, Pipe Dream’s sound comes off as fresh, airy, and soothing. That hipster indie sound is there -à la Mumfords, Bon Iver – but it’s wistfully done, an optimistic and hopeful beginning to the EP. As it closes and leads into the more determined groove of ‘Atmosphere’, we’re immediately taken on a more upbeat journey that feels exciting and well directed, eventually exploding into a burst of drums and guitars that is both thrilling and satisfying. There are more melancholic tones to be found too, as on ‘Boston’, a track filled with yearning and longing for the opportunity to move on to pastures new. The track paints a broad palate of sound, with delay filled guitars that fill the landscape with a wide sense of space. The EP closes with with ‘Carry Me Back Home’, an epic, anthemic track that is built on the same structure as any stadium filling band might use, yet here Pipe Dream manage to firmly establish their own unique sound on it. The arrangement is as carefully done as can be, pulling back at the right moments, giving the song room to breath, and turning things up just when it’s needed – the gang vocals on the outro are an absolute delight. A worthy contender for that last bit of space left on your iPod.

“The Oak” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JLoUiCovs8
“Boston” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shdLR_5k3sQ


By Chris Marsh

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