Tommy West, Frequencies of the Sun


Tommy West’s “Frequencies of the Sun” is a real trip. Over the course of eleven songs Tommy West displays his considerable chops. “Frequencies of the Sun” is a remarkable album with the uncanny ability to show off talent while remaining well attuned to the necessity of melodic progression. His penchant for 70s rock is particularly enjoyable as he is able to pull off the songs with a large degree of finesse. Additionally the rhythm section supports him nicely giving him a good driving pulse behind his playing.


Wasting no time Tommy West jumps right into the middle of things with “Frequencies of the Sun”. A playful spirit dominates “Blue Marble Happy” as the things switches tempos effortlessly. One of the highlights of the album is the rush of “Pyre of the Pale Horse” that quite frankly, rocks out. Literally everything is shown off: the light, the heavy, and everything in between. Sounding so crisp it is particularly excellent as the song slowly lets loose on the latter half. The horse noise included is an additional nice touch. Being well-acquainted with pacing the midsection of the album lightens the mood considerably moving into psychedelic territory, something Tommy West seems particularly familiar with. Slowing things down on “Under the Dreaming Tree” the song shows off the considerable skill of restraint and slogs through the many different textures. For the final stretch of the album things become much airier as the music appears to move into more minimal territory.

“Frequencies of the Sun” sings without needing to say a single word.

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