Perfect Mark, Flesh & Voice


Perfect Mark’s blend of pop rock balances smooth vocals with a good helping of grit.


‘Footprints’ kicks things off sounding like classic R.E.M. with its jangling guitars and thundering bass, it’s a confident opener and a strong piece of rock that sets out Perfect Mark’s stall in a way that shows what to expect. As a result, ‘World Outside’ is something as a surprise, with its significantly more gentle approach that offers smooth vocals and delicate guitars that do eventually give way to a more aggressive piece of instrumentation. ‘Acrobats’ heads in a more acoustic direction, with an evocative guitar part that shimmers throughout. As the chorus is revealed, there is a late nineties indie feel to the proceedings, but all done with a fresh, modern approach.

Video of the first single “Footprints”:

‘Light and Water’ is perfectly (no pun intended) titled, as a track that both flows and shines with sparkling cymbals that add texture and character, while ‘Green Light’ adds a little funk into the mix with a snappy guitar riff and vocals that lean towards the sounds of Maroon 5 and Will Young. ‘Butterflies You Deserve’ throws a whole load of reverb and delay over the vocal on the chorus to create a spectral wall of sound, while the album’s closing track ‘Play Your Days’ sees a smoky guitar blended with Marco Perfetti’s smooth vocals, bringing things to a close in a way that is satisfying.

By Chris Marsh

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