Young Australian pop singer on the rise, Rachel Costanzo has announced the release of her new single, Starlight (out August 1) lifted from her self-titled debut EP, out August 22. Rachel’s EP also features her debut single Blindside, which created a decent buzz in the industry on release late last year.

Most people will remember Rachel from her chance encounter on Fox FM, where the station had a temporary computer meltdown and were unable to play programmed music. Rachel saw her opportunity and called Fox who then put her call to air, allowing her to play her single, Blindside down the line. She was then invited to return for an interview and to play her song in full the following day. “It kind of all felt like a dream when they answered my call. Then it hit me when I heard Blindside on air. My whole family were in separate cars that morning listening to it being played on the Fox and I’ll never forget that moment,” Rachel gushes.


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