Blue Light Bandits, The BLB Demo


Classic bluesy soul. That’s the dish of the day from the Blue Light Bandits, with a generous side order of funk.

Blue Light Bandit’s music is smooth and stylish, shown firstly with ‘Sarah’, a smoochy love number littered with all the funk-soul elements you would expect. As the track progresses, it becomes clear that there are also hints of acid jazz to the found here, in the vein of Jamiroquai or Maroon 5. ‘So Mine’ takes a more acoustic approach that leans towards Jack Johnson and is all kinds of summery with its shuffling drums and evocative harmonies, while ‘Lonely’ is more melancholic in tone but no less inventive in its production, with layers of instrumentation working well together.

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Blue Lights Bandits’ sound is varied, with tracks like ‘City’ bathed in a rich and wide reverb that conjures up a sprawling urban late night landscape, while ‘Lesson’ goes down the classic rock road with gritty organs and some classic bass runs.

There are some truly delicate moments, too. ‘Known & Loved’ is stripped back and filled with a sense of care and attention, and although ‘What I Have Is What You Need’ is more upbeat, the arrangement has a similar careful feel, with the instrumentation all sitting in the right places and the vocal performance drawing the listener in.

This collection of demos shows a band that is well on its way to greatness, with strong songs and great performances, the Blue Light Bandits are the ones to watch for those looking for a blend of soul, funk, and blues.

By Chris Marsh

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