EarthandtheNextSociety, On the path to the 100th Monkey


In anticipation of their upcoming release, The 100th Monkey, Earth And The Next Society reveal four tracks to give a taste of what is coming up.

Soaked in classic rock swagger, these tracks hark back to a time when prog rock reigned, while also acknowledging the clean aesthetics of modern music.

‘Cheap Hustle’ bears all the hallmarks of classic Pink Floyd, with its snappy guitars and billowing synths, not to mention the yowling vocals, while ‘Sedona’ is more of a woozy, slinky blues number that leans towards Gold era Ryan Adams, with a distant hammond organ laying beneath a steady driving rhythm and the visceral lyrics “Red rocks / You know I’ve got my feet on your ground.”

‘Awake And Alive’ pulls out all the rock stops, opening with a swirling organ and driving drums, holding steady for the track’s duration and building towards an atmospheric conclusion, while ‘Goddess Of Light’ is more of a slow dance – the kind of track to be played as the closing moments of a wedding dance.

Earth And The Next Society have some strong rock sensibilities, and if these four tracks are anything to go by, their full album The 100th Monkey will make a lot of classic rock fans very happy.

By Chris Marsh

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