Kenny Fame, I Need U


With the pop punch of a male Katy Perry and a side helping of skitteringly eccentric electronica, Kenny Fame’s ‘I Need U’ is incredibly fun, frenetic, and fanciful.

I Need U (Lyric Video)

Completely nuts, laced with 8-bit bleeps, soulful vocals, and airy atmospheric synths, this is music that takes not taking itself seriously incredibly seriously. If it’s found wanting at any point, it’s by the second verse which lacks any change in dynamic to maintain the listener’s interest, and once the chorus kicks back in it has lost its impact. This is rectified however by the middle 8 that takes a side step for a few bars, before pushing the chorus again, this time with some of the weirdest background vocals that whine and wheedle a little uncomfortably in the mix.

For an unsigned artist, Kenny Fame is the kind of obscure music you’ll enjoy having on your iPod to dip into every once in a while as an antidote to all the mainstream stuff you may or may not have been filling your ears with lately. Worth a look.

By Chris Marsh

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