Arizona Acoustic Hip Hop Groove band The Wiley Ones have just unleashed their new ingle, “Thank You New York” on iTunes, as well the official music video for the piece.  The song was written by lead vocalist, Sam Wiley, as he was traveling and performing with the prestigious New York Song Writers Circle in New York City.  The track is an inspiring tale of an artist who decides to take a chance and leave his hometown on a whim to go play under the bright lights of the big apple.
The scenes in the video for “Thank You New York,” were taken by Wiley and his manager whilst walking the streets of New York City.
“I was just so inspired by New York.  I remember walking the winter streets on Lexington St. observing the vibrant-moving mysterious city and thinking, I have to write a song about this!  I immediately went up to my hotel room and immersed myself in creating a song, which I wanted to be about gratitude for New York,” says Sam.
The Wiley Ones “Thank You New York”

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