Impuritan, Make It Look Like Nothing Happened


Opening with a massive, doomy soundscape, Impuritan nail their colours to the mast with ‘Monster Acolyte’, a sprawling psych-rock prog start to their latest release, Make It Look Like Nothing Happened.

Influences appear to be many and varied – The Mars Volta, Opeth, Pelican, even Sunn O))) on the album’s darker moments. It’s an album of contrasts though – ‘Wax/Wane’ shifts from a shapeless drone into an almost pop chorus with cheery vocals, before shifting back into a blend of gated guitars and bell-like chiming notes.

‘Sunspot Punks’ features some of the crunchiest guitars you’ve ever heard, powering against the psychedelic drones and thundering bass, with the drums tumbling along in an almost military fashion.

Impuritan’s music is challenging and exciting, not always immediately penetrable, but by giving it some time it pays in dividends. The careful build and construction of ‘Show Us Your Hidden Daggers’ blends eastern tones with glacial, digital noise and a sprinkling of doom laying just beneath. In classic post-rock fashion, it explodes into a Mogwai style quiet-loud-quiet-loud section that is a sheer thrill.

The perfect antidote to all the pop fluff and digital dubstep, Make It Look Like Nothing Happened by Impuritan is a strong, hearty helping of noisy, droney, psych/doom post rock.

By: Chris Marsh

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