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With an upcoming series of intimate shows across the globe this Spring 2014, Kai Exos (pronounced x-öhs) is set to release “Vigilante,” the first single from his debut LP Telegraph. Originally-produced by a team most notably recognized for their work on Ziggy Marley’s Dragonfly, “Vigilante” seamlessly showcases Exos blend of influences of Motown-era soul, early southern jazz and late 1970’s lo-fi rock.

With the release of “Vigilante,” Exos reflects upon his quickened teenage years growing up as a young artist: “The song stems from my mother’s fervency to guide me through everything that naturally happens to any teenager growing up, but [some of] the places I was performing brought even more of a challenge.” Staying true to the lessons we learn as little kids is, according to Exos, “a daily reminder to stay childlike and wander just far enough to see the line – but not actually cross over into the wonderment of it all.”


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