Brooklyn based electro pop are getting lots of attention from their latest release “Future City” of which SYFFAL.com said “manages to be everything that everyone else is trying to do without actually trying. You can feel the authenticity emanating from these songs”- Tim Baker.   Hello Phones have released their third video “Dream” from Future City, with the goal to make as many videos for as many songs as possible.   The Video was shot at legendary Rockaway Beach and Jamaica Bay, in between a series of winter storms that hit the east coast this past winter. The track is different from much of Hello Phones electro wave sound, more skeletal, raw, from the heavier side of town. The video features the quiet beauty of the beach during the winter, icey and aquatic bluegreen visuals of waves and wind in front of a painted sky. Vocalist DonnaFran is the main actor in this small film like video, that tells a story if you are paying attention and not zoning out to the stunning imagery.



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