We all know someone who’s got champagne taste on a 40oz. budget. They love to spin a story of popping bottles, but couldn’t loan you a few bucks for a MetroCard. While it’s cool to flex in a nice ride or a new pair of kicks, there’s no substitute for the grind. Although social media has allowed us to be viewed in the light we choose, the world wide web doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to your cash flow. Backed by a haunting violin sample and banging drum section produced by tC, “High End” from newcomer Westbay and fellow Brooklynite Troy Ave, have the Kings County duo speaking on what it takes to make it to the top. Full of direct lines that call out those who never “wanna earn their strips, they just wanna act hard, talk tough, but they never wanna fight,” the track serves as a hustler’s anthem that’ll appeal to fans of dope rhymes and tough beats. “High End” is set to be featured on Westbay’s forthcoming album, Spread Love.. stay tuned!


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