“Beauty’s Bones”, the new offering from Villa Kang, is an alt-pop track in the vein of Passion Pit, Charli XCX and early MGMT. Here, Villa Kang offers a bright, pulsing track that conveys the self-doubt that occurs when you know you’re in the wrong for a failed relationship. “Beauty’s Bones” starts out with a thick driving bass, hand claps, a heavy drum beat and an infectious, lifting, lead synth line. The track swells through the intro, verse and pre-chorus over a danceable, hip-hop breakbeat and lifts at the chorus in buoyant pop bliss.Lyrically, the speaker is aware of his shortcomings, reminiscent of the past and spiteful of his current situation. In the chorus (“held too tight, suffocated a feeling’) , he confronts his inability to allow those he loves to grow as individuals, realizes that this limitation is a product of his own insecurity and is ultimately the destroying force of his relationships.

Premiere: http://bit.ly/1h7ggWJ

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