Lord Help Us All

Cape Town soul singer Garth Linx presents ‘Lord Help Us All’, the pre-single to his debut studio album. ‘Lord Help Us All’ was composed by Dale Fortune who also directed the music video. Amidst the sexually infused content of modern day R&B, Garth Linx stands out with something completely different from his counterparts. Here we have a musical account of ego-centric living being guided away from self-reliance towards a more holistic approach, and all the while sung with the sincerity that only life experience can bring. Garth Linx sings to one’s soul. His lyrics resonate with our hearts. And the edgy musical composition by Dale Fortune compliments the song’s content beautifully. The music video filmed around the tranquil seaboard of Cape Town fishing towns is equally artistic, illustrating the stark contrast between industry glamour & wholesome music. One gets the sense that Garth Linx has many more musical jewels to share with us in the future.

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