On his forthcoming album, MTSYD: Revenge of The African Booty Scratcher, fatherhood is one of many subjects that Well$, himself a father to a three-year-old, explores. The lead single “Black Swan” explores the life choices of a young woman affected by an absent father. Elsewhere, on “Major Pain,” Well$ walks in the shoes of his own imperfect dad. In “Dreams of an Insomniac,” Well$ faces those pesky “what if” questions that keep him up at night. “The album was getting a bit too introspective, so I wanted to just loosen up a bit and just drop bars on a dope beat,” states Well$ regarding his latest track. “I think the title, [Savoir-Faire] will make sense once you hear the whole project. It’s showing that I can tackle various topics, and various sounds without losing a step or feeling forced.”

Check out the Noisey premiere here:

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