Voice in the Attic, Tear


If you hear any strange ‘n’ weird Voices in the Attic in the middle of the night, don’t fret because it’s only the Bogeyman and his haunting sound.   Voice in the Attic is none other than multi-talented singer/songwriter, BC Bogey and he is giving one emotional performance on the new video “Tear”.   The song was actually written in memory of his two brothers, Daniel and Niklas, who tragically lost their lives at ages 6 & 8.   This horrific accident claimed the lives of two innocent children and nearly killed BC Bogey himself along with his parents.   Voice in the Attic has created a song/video that is deeply personal and incredibly sentimental.   Voice in the Attic captures all of these heartfelt emotions with one “Tear”.

“Tear”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQLxNn4tPzU

“Tear” comes across as very organic-sounding, which Voice in the Attic prides himself on in something he likes to call a “humanizing approach”.   The lyrics and the music are all very real as BC Bogey pours his heart & soul out for all to hear & see.   Visually, “Tear” is very artsy producing some wonderful imagery for the audience to mentally soak in.   In the midst of the sad subject matter, your spirit is instantly lifted up due to peaceful images of plush trees, blue skies, white clouds and crystal clear, blue water.   Visually & musically, I was very impressed with “Tear” because Voice in the Attic was able to tell a story through sincere words & thought-provoking pictures.  

Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tear-single/id737299283 and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/voiceintheattic7

Vocally, I’m not 100% convinced because it’s definitely a unique vocal approach that drags a bit.   The singing style is pure with an earthy texture that comes across as unpolished.   Don’t get me wrong, I think that Voice in the Attic has created a work of art here with “Tear” but I’m just not on board yet with his overall vocal performance.  

I would love to hear more from Voice in the Attic because I feel that this is a true artist with a true vision in mind.   “Tear” will tug at your heart strings as Voice in Attic lays it all out in the open for all to see & hear.   With nothing to hide, Voice in the Attic is exposing his innermost feelings & emotions leaving him in a truly vulnerable state.   I commend BC for opening up so much and allowing us all in.   So…wipe that “Tear” now from your eye because the BC Bogeyman is here to stay!


By Jimmy Rae (jrae2@att.net)

3/5 Skopes

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