Joyner Lucas staring at the ceiling as he weighed the pros and cons of suicide by bullet; the woes of the world crashing in on him. On this week’s offering, the first off of his upcoming album, “Along Came Joyner”, he imagines that someone is looking back. “Eyes on the Celing” finds Joyner contemplating wealth and materialism and the difference between living, and simply existing. Do the things we covet truly make us happy or are we simply controlled by the wanting of them? Have we, in fact, become mindless drones, brainwashed into believing that if we only had the latest iPhone, our lives would be complete?   Over an Andre on the Beat & Ado the God slowed-down track that would find itself just as comfortable on a Slim Thug mixtape, Joyner reminds us that whilst the finer things can bring physical comfort to our lives, the coveting of them can also be an unfortunate distraction from what’s really happening around us…….and maybe that’s the point!

“Eyes on the Celing” Soundcloud link:

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