Angel Haze announces that her new single ‘Battle Cry’ will be released 17th March 2014 on Island Records/Republic Record and will features Grammy-nominated and recent Billboard magazine cover star Sia.

If hip-hop’s most central tenet is to keep it real, Angel Haze passes with flying colours. Ever since she first started putting ferocious, cathartic mixtapes online as a teenager, it’s been her raw, unvarnished honesty that has seen her garner such a devoted following. And on the 18th December, Angel Haze surprised fans when she self-leaked her debut album ‘Dirty Gold’ in a dispute with her record label over its delayed release. As a result of the leak ‘Dirty Gold’ which was produced in collaboration with Markus Dravs (Björk, The Arcade Fire and Coldplay), Malay (Frank Ocean) and Mike Dean (Kanye West) was released 30th December 2013.

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