“D-Day” is the debut video and track release from the solo project’s upcoming album, Sinking Anthems, that is set to drop March 11, 2014. The video was created by The Ugly Facade’s Jeremiah Johnson, whose talents span from songwriting and performing to video editing and beyond.

Hailing from Austin, TX, Johnson (lead vocal, keys, songwriter, producer) makes industrial rock – emphasis on “rock.” Although it is aggressive verse-chorus-verse rock, The Ugly Facade breaks away from its fellow Nine Inch Nail-sounding contemporaries with its self-mastered, dense production chalk-full of buried hooks and progressive rhythms. The songwriting also sets The Ugly Facade apart by remaining anything but trite, using distorted amplifiers and less-than-perfectly micro-phoned instruments. New synth sounds are run through old tubes and every record that Johnson has produced was crafted with a different set of tools – never overusing sounds.

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