“ commends fight promoter Damon Feldman for making the right decision and cancelling the “celebrity” boxing match he had planned to take place between George Zimmerman and rapper DMX on March 15th. It is appalling that Zimmerman would ever be considered a celebrity for killing a child, and the fight would have accomplished nothing beyond further victimizing the family of Trayvon Martin. The fact that the fight was even a possibility is a disgrace, and we are pleased that Feldman ultimately saw the light and reconsidered. mobilized over 50,000 members to take action urging DMX to refuse to participate in what would have in all likelihood been a rigged fight designed to capitalize on racist sentiment as much as on the outrage over Trayvon’s death and Zimmerman’s acquittal. We would also like to highlight and appreciate both Sybrina Fulton for once again speaking out, and activists Janet Dickerson and April Reign for their tireless organizing to stop the fight.

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