BANDMIX.COM CELEBRATES 10+ YEARS, the well known musician classifieds network, celebrates its 10th anniversary with the launch of a newly designed, fully responsive website. Since its founding in 2004, BandMix has given countless musicians a better way to connect with each other, collaborate and form bands.

“BandMix was conceived as a way to help musicians find each other and connect more easily,” said David Sales, musician and founder. “Our newly designed site comes with an updated look that is fully responsive and optimized for viewing on every possible device, making the process more streamlined for musicians who want to connect and collaborate no matter where they are.”

Musician schedules are often chaotic and trying to find other musicians to play with can be challenging. The goal of BandMix is to give musicians a one-stop shop where they can quickly and easily identify and connect with individuals who meet particular criteria they are seeking.


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