Nagmah, Diva Mortis


From the Costa Rican capital of San José comes a metal band called Nagmah. Formed in 2003, these guys have played all over Central America, including some rather intimidating-sounding events, such as the Metal Mutilation Fest in Nicaragua. They have an album out, and it’s called Diva Mortis. Not sure about the exact translation, but methinks it has something to do with dying.

The lyrics are in Espanol. Despite all my years of Spanish class, I am completely useless in this regard. However, a fine voice transcends any linguistic barriers, as it speaks in the universal language of harmony. And, ladies & gents, the Nagmah vocalist is indeed a fine one. It’s a harmonious female voice soaring above an ultra-masculine heavy metal guitar assault.

This gal has a vox that could climb a cathedral, and I can somewhat picture her serenading church-going crowds at a Sunday Mass. At some point, however, she must have indulged her demonic side.

Though I can’t even begin to speculate about the status of her immortal soul, I can say that — musically — she does damn fine with this band. Have a listen to some of her vocals on the track

“Pacto,” or basically any other track for that matter.


The track “El Maleficio del Lindero” begins with this intriguing guitar riff, well-complemented by the percussion. The distortion gets jacked up, and the amps get crankin’. There’s a nifty interlude at 1:40. Some guitar acrobatics take off around 2:20. Serious finger dexterity is taking place on the fret-board here.

I might get the gist of the title of the track “Pacto.” Must be a pact, perhaps even a pact with the devil. I’m not quite ready to meet the devil, but I can still rock out to this song, which keeps me on my toes, as the pace changes frequently. Am a fan of the bass guitar lines taking place around 3:00.

Such tracks as “Solitarios” feature guitar work that often and magnificently conveys a sense of the infernal.    

Aside from all the obvious talent, the album is also well-produced. It’s got that clean, professional sound.  

Before my encounter with Diva Mortis, I’d think of salsa music when someone mentioned Costa Rica. Well, the time has come for my ignorant ass to reevaluate things…It’s the devil’s metal down there.

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