Magic Punches


Based in Portland OR, Magic Punches is a pop rock duo consisting of Lee Barbara and Bobby Seus. Musically, they’re both very well educated: Mr. Barbara went to Univ. of Oregon on a jazz scholarship, while Mr. Seus obtained a degree in Music Theory from Notre Dame.

The band has three EPs out, two of which are recent. All of their songs can be purchased at:

The track “Out For Yourself” launches with ample verve and vivacity, frequently sustained with dynamic synth riffs. There’s also a repeatedly occurring piano bit that adds some sparkle. The vocals are appealing, though not every lyric is easily discernible.

Magic Punches – “You’ll Never Convince Me” (Acoustic)

“Nothing Left to Learn” starts out more pensive, though there is some of the dynamic synth activity found on the previous track. And two minutes in, the tone becomes kinda playful. There is, however, something rather foreboding about the lyrics: “You’ve got nothing left to learn / No bridges left to burn.”

“Love Song for a Foreign Exchange Student” is a good concept for a tune. I remember how exciting it was to see a girl from Croatia when I was in high school. Can’t remember her name, except how hard it was to pronounce. She sure could wiggle her buns. Anywho, this track has sort of a friendly, coffee shop vibe to it. Lyrically, there is a slight bit of heartache, aptly expressed with the line: “I get the feeling that you’re not the only one in the room when we talk on the phone.” Yeah, I can definitely empathize with that situation.  

“Figurine” has kind of this mystical, reflective air to it.

“The Thought of You” brings more of a casual tone. Though the speaker sings of a broken heart, I’m not entirely buying the whole pessimism angle, as the vocals just have a bit too much spunk. There is even dry humor: “I’m writing a letter to myself / I’m going to receive it.”

With charming melodies and thoughtful lyrics, a few ‘magic punches’ are coming your way.

Try and duck this combo:

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