Before the close of the year we announced one of the newest members of the Captured Tracks family, Axxa/Abraxas, the musical moniker of 23 year-old Atlanta native Ben Asbury. On March 4th we’ll be releasing his self-titled debut.

The first taste of his debut came from the jangling guitar pop track “I Almost Fell”, described by Asbury as a song that “touches on how ideas and experiences that seam significant at one point in time can seam so trivial in retrospect”. Today, we are happy to share the equally sunny, but meditative single, “On the Run”. It’s clear from these tracks, Asbury has a knack for creating infectious, bubbly synth pop jams that retain lyrical substance. Noisey premiered “On the Run” today, saying it makes them “feel like it’s the middle of June” – sums up the mood quiet nicely.
Click here to listen to “On the Run”

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