Spycker, Voted Away

Spy3Belgium based Spycker (Michiel Omtzigt) just released a new 10 song album entitled “Voted Away.” in 2013. This surging artists based in Amsterdam is slowly becoming a musical force with this his third release to date. In fact yhis marks his third release and following previous releases (Fonderie Olive, 2011) and experimental electronica (Ner Begot Kish, 2012), the do-it-yourselfer Spycker (born Michiel Omtzigt, 1974) decided it was time for an album with ‘real’ songs: ‘I had quite a bit of useful material in my disarranged database. After a lot of tinkering and darling-killing the final product was reached: a multidimensional fusion of folk rock, indie and 60s psychedelia, in the spirit of heavyhearted forebears such as Syd Barrett and Elliott Smith.’ As a music fans aficionado who’s strictly a voyeur, a writer who’s never played a lick or tried to fit different musical components together into a cohesive whole, I’m intrigued by the idea of a weird yet wildly artistic guy like Omtzigt delivering music as a musical centerpiece. As if releasing several CD’s over the last few years isn’t enough? Omtzigt is one of those artists that will more than likely prove persistence pays off. Spycker have managed to hit a home run with this, his latest 10 song release. “Voted Away” is a 10 track masterpiece of simplicity proving again that good Alternative Rock need not be taken too seriously — but never to be taken to lightly either. Here Omtzigt achieves his own distinctive voice in significant part by featuring the unique guitar/voice combination at the core of all these somewhat melancholy songs. At the same time with all of the expanded tonal ranges and expressiveness that 3-5 instruments can dish out — making for a unique sonic experience altogether. The ultimate beauty of this collection, though, is in the way Omtzigt so weaves his ever soft spoken-lamenting battle cry in and out of the foreground of these tracks, playing a mostly supporting role on numbers like “Mean Proportional”, “Screwdriver Crimes” and A “Ridiculous Mind” and lamentishly brilliant “Never Underestimate the Fool.” Then taking the spotlight on more straight forward “Maddening Mockery” and more explosive “Contemporary Classic.” Spycker (feat. Michiel Omtzigt) clearly feels equally as comfortable powering through the modern alt-rock grooves of the former as tiptoeing through the more contemplative, weird-dark alternative punk contrails of the latter. On this CD “Voted Away” he manages to somehow shoot in the dark with amazing precision thus finding the seam between the two approaches, delivering a steady interlude of music in the midst of musical chaos making for a fascianting CD. Much of the songs unfold in similar fashion as he shifts between emotions and alternate solo/duo meditative moments with deftly executed, often-challenging rocked out syncopation. He his quite the writer and player. Spycker reminds me of more trippier and dark   version of R.E.M., Beck, Radiohead, Iggy Pop, Daniel Johnston and Grandaddy. Vocally Omtzigt has strong tonality and good instincts behind the mic. The common thread throughout all of these pieces is Omtzigt himself and his adventurous playing and open microphone musical vision. Via this angle “Voted Away” courageously explores the boundaries between modern alt-rock and clever dark riddle ridden folk with uncommon subtlety and fumbled grace

Rating — 3.5/5 Stars
URL: http://spycker.nl/

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/spycker

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