New York City based pop singer-songwriter Shilpa Narayan releases new music video for “Renegade,” first single off her sophomore album. Recently featured on Myspace, Shilpa shot the video in order to portray the meaning of the song: the empowerment of women and finding one’s true passion.

Shot in the Mojave Desert with Shilpa wearing a gorgeous Allen B. Schwartz gown in front of breathtaking scenery, the upbeat and progressive song channels an innate rebellion that lives in all of us. In the video, Shilpa and her cohorts literally break free of their colorless world and into a world of color after overthrowing a repressive sheriff. Shilpa sings, “So call me a deserter, discard me as a traitor, I don’t follow convention but isn’t that the point, I am my own dictator.”

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