As we journey on life’s road, we come to a point where the fighter in us must come out because if it doesn’t, we are either not going to get what we want, or we are going to be bullied.   Cham and Jr. Gong make sure that these circumstances don’t reach their fans by recording this undeniable street heat chune, “Fighter!”
Produced by Dave Kelly for Madhouse Records, Mr. Kelly finds the right notes to get the attention of the youths by introducing the chune with an electronic sounding base and a militant drum pattern.   This is the perfect opening for Cham to state:   “we made it but we did things our way / gotta give thanks and praises each day / we hustle real hard so we control our future / tun it up ….”   These words make way for Jr. Gong as he sing-jays:   “like a beacon on the mountain / shining through like the rising sun / so shall it be for the faithful / the ones who never stop till the work is done / we grind cause the system / does not favor the common man / but he shall reap the riches / plentiful like the grains of sand….”



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