RABBL, the world’s first social booking platform for concerts. RABBL is the leading social networking service for crowd sourcing concerts, allowing fans to “reserve” tickets in artist-approved “rabbls.” If, and only if, the rabbl is met, the venue is then booked and concert secured.

A “rabbl” is a potential show created by an artist, for a specific city, period and ticket price. Fans vote on whether or not the show should take place by reserving tickets in advance. If enough tickets are reserved to meet the artist’s goal, the fans are then charged for the tickets and the show takes place.

RABBL benefits artists, venues and fans in numerous ways. Artists are given the opportunity to secure gigs, tour as well as discover new markets and fans. Venues in particular, have a tough business to run, which RABBL is able to lighten. For venues, RABBL reduces risk, assists in sorting out unknown bands, saves time, and also gives venues the opportunity to publish booking standards. Lastly, fans are given the opportunity to show their favorite artists there’s demand for a show in their city, while taking on zero risk in the process.


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