Flaw has re-formed, the original line-up back in place.   After a decade of being dormant, Chris Volz (Vocals), Jason Daunt (Guitar), Lance Arny (Guitar), Ryan Jurhs (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Chris Ballinger (Drums) are once again a band.
On the reformation, Daunt offers, “After several years apart to work out personal issues we have reunited.     The time apart has given us clear heads and a new appreciation for the music we are   capable of creating together.     We are currently writing new material which is a modern throwback to our original Flaw material.   We are stoked about our renewed musical relationship and can’t wait to share it with the world.”   Volz adds, “I am extremely excited and recharged to have the original lineup back in Flaw. I’ve conquered many demons and am ready to share my strength and hard fought battles with the world. We’re back!!”

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