Keeping the momentum going, Rhode Island rapper Khary Durgans unleashes another song off of his upcoming project, Love & Anchors. Titled “Sorry Khary”, the track is a ode to the name given to him at birth and how it has affected him throughout his life. “At this point “Sorry Khary” is much more like a phrase or a saying to me”, he explains. “My name doesn’t really rhyme with much but it happens to rhyme with the biggest let down in the world. So I figured it would be cool to turn it into a positive thing and apologize to myself for how the world is.” The lyrics carry a playful yet sarcastic tone over lively production from Boston native Big Wild. Combining a traditional hip-hop flow with a modern/electronic sound is what Khary says, “Is the goal of Love & Anchors… and when I met Big Wild its a sound that came about naturally.” Love & Anchors will be released in early 2014.

Check out newcomer Khary Durgans new single, “Sorry Khary” off of his upcoming project “Love & Anchors”:

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