Recommendation engine Qloo emerged today from private beta to launch a mobile application that helps consumers discover new things based upon their entire spectrum of tastes. Leveraging a proprietary and patent-pending cross-domain recommender engine, Qloo takes clues from a person’s current interests to provide personalized discovery across eight cultural categories: music, film, TV, dining, nightlife, fashion, books and travel. Qloo breaks the mold of single-track recommendation engines that only consider one aspect of a person’s interests.

“While single-track recommendation engines can suggest films based on your movie ratings, or music based on the songs you’ve thumbed up or down; Qloo gets to know the whole you, which is something we’ve found really matters when suggesting something new to do,” said Alex Elias, CEO of Qloo. “By understanding who you are culturally, Qloo helps you spend less time deciding and more time doing.”


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