Maestro_Dobel_Tequila_Bottle_featWith the holidays coming up I was getting tired of drinking the same things over and over again. Eggnog is boring and beer over the holidays can get really stale as well. People at holiday parties seem to have the same old drinks available throughout Christmas time like schnapps, Whiskey, vodka and beer. So many people overlook a really good tequila on their holiday shopping list.

I was getting tired of going to the same holiday parties and drinking the same booze over and over again and I really needed something different. Maestro Dobel provided me with a new holiday tradition that I think that I’m going to continue. Maestro Dobel tequila is a great drink that you can enjoy with family and friends over the holidays and can help you to escape the regular drudgery of beer or even eggnog over the holidays. When I decided to bring a bottle of Maestro Dobel to a friend’s holiday party I ended up having a great night and I brighten the spirits of many others at the party as well.

It turns a lot of people at the party were getting really sick of the traditional holiday drinks and were interested in trying something different. Maestro Dobel really took that holiday party to the next level and me and my friends got pretty wild that night.

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Some of the most fun I have ever had has been drinking tequila. I spent some time on holidays in Mexico just a few years earlier and I remember drinking some fine tequila and enjoying time playing volleyball with other people vacationing on a beautiful beach. I had a wild night in some of the nightclubs and actually woke up feeling much fresher than expected. We all know that it’s easy to overdo it at holiday parties but for some reason whenever I drink Maestro Dobel and some other types of tequila I seem to avoid a hangover and feel much better than I do drinking beer or even eggnog after a party.

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