The music industry is an ocean having fish of every size. If there are rainbow tailed, small sized and beautiful fishes in the ocean, then there are huge whales and sharp tooth sharks too. This means if you may find young and beautiful voiced singers in the industry, then you may also see a huge shark that as soon enters the ocean of music industry, eats away the career of many singers. Many people think that this happened with Justin Bieber or One Direction. Justin Bieber fans think that One Direction career shall be torn apart near future with the mighty fame of Justin, whereas the fans of One Direction thinks that sooner or later Justin would have to give up in front of One Direction. But the point here is that is this justified to compare both these upcoming sensations of the music industry?

Everyone knows the history of Justin Bieber and One Direction and every music lover knows how much they worked hard to reach this level of success, then what is the use of comparing both of them with each other and to neglect the hard work of another? It is very obvious that the success and achievement Justin Bieber and one Direction have conquered today reflects their day and night work, for example, 1D broke records of the Beatles whereas Justin’s fans love his merchandise and he earns a huge profit from it. Talking about their success, let’s discuss few characteristics that might sound similarities between them and then we can think in our mind that is it justified to compare both the young talents with one another?

Down to earth
They all are down to earth and this can be seen through their voices, their lyrics and the way they deal with their fans.

Originality in personalities
They all have original personalities. One Direction team is always recognized by their cute personalities and the originality in their voices, but at the same time Justin also has an adorable cute personality. There are many people who can tell about their personalities like Justin’s mom who saw him talking to the walls in his home or team members of One Direction found hanging out together in many places and spending friendly time together.

Live singing
Justin and One Direction sing live in the concerts. Apart from the fact that Justin was pushed in a scandal of lip singing which he justified and told that he did tell his manager earlier he was not feeling well to sing live.

If you really know celebrity life, then you must know how worse things can get if one faces a scandal. 1D and Justin also had to face many scandals and there is no question to point out on each other when you know you are sailing in the same boat. 1D and Justin have been part of many love scandals, broken relationships, fan issues etc.   If Justin was part of the drugs scandal then 1D was also a part of nude images on public sites. The more you dig the hole, deeper you fall in it.

Their voices
Many people think that Justin Bieber sings alone that’s why he is much better than One Direction, but if all the team members of One Direction sing solo their voices are up to the mark too. The specialty of a singer does not lie in being him solo or being a team, the specialty lies in how well they use their voice and how better they choose their lyrics.

Maturity of voice
The fans of Justin and 1D keep on fighting and pointing towards the voices of their rival, but there is no use of such discussion. Really!!! Why you expect teens to sound like a mature man? Come on guys let them grow up first. Justin and 1D have perfect voices according to their age. People say that the songs of Justin and 1D are more girl oriented, seriously at this age guys are more attracted towards the girls, then why to point a finger at each other?

Award winning
1D and Justin have conquered a huge success in a very young age. If 1D managed to win many awards and break the records of many singers, then Justin’s cupboard is full of more than 100 awards at the same time.

Their achievements
Achievement does not only mean to win some awards or to gather some fame, achievements really mean what you have conquered in your life and what others can never forget about you. 1D brought them into the music industry from the X factor by Simon where they all auditioned as solo artists; whereas Justin at the age of 12 supported his poor family by playing the guitar in front of Avon Theater. For people who really know what achievements are, yes these are the real time achievements.

These points are quite enough to justify that Justin and 1D have won the hearts of their fans in their own unique ways. People fight for their concert tickets at the ticket booths. The crowd at the concerts and love of fans cannot be judged by a few remarks by the rivals or opponents. You can’t even compare their fans with each other; everyone has their own reason to love their favorite celebrity.

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