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Illinois-based Kevin Haynes and his trusty sidekick Matt Kupcso have years of experience in various bands and/or choirs. The two once thought about assembling a full band, “but then decided, since they work well together, to just put an all original acoustic EP together themselves.”

The EP is called Pure, and it primarily involves Haynes’s spiritual experiences. It’s an earnest-sounding album. There are no drums, so the acoustic guitar serves as kind of a percussive backing. The vocals climb high, both in terms of intensity, and literally in terms of octave range.

With the track “Never Felt this Kind of Love,” the pace is pretty slow, but the lyrical component seems upbeat: “Never felt this kind of love / It must have been sent from Heaven above.”

The track “Foreigner” has very little to do with politics or immigration. It is instead about someone who hopes to overcome any estrangement from the divine power above:   “I don’t want to be a foreigner” in relation to “God’s power.”

The track “Stars” has a quicker pace, and there’s more action on the guitar. The lyrics merge astronomy with religion: “From dust we are / To God’s own heart / Conceived from galaxies.” The track is appropriately titled for vocals that, during some moments, seem to range as high as some intergalactic object. I feel this one poetic verse deserves mention:   “Out beyond the horizon there’s a home that’s built for us / It’s waiting for all of those who want to sing in His chorus.”

The pace slows down somewhat for the title track, which is launched by a subtle but effective acoustic riff. The speaker seems willing to self-sacrifice: “Anything good endured / Is worth the crying for / Anything that’s pure / Is worth dying for.”

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