Hana Kim’s new song, “Give It Up” is an eccentric, stripped back ballad that speaks to the heart of who she is. As a songwriter, Hana has the ability to infuse each of her songs with images and emotions that are authentic and relatable, and “Give It Up” captures each of those qualities with ease. This tumultuous roller coaster of a track is wrapped up in a darkly melodic vocal performance that is heartbreakingly stunning. A track about the tail end of an unhealthy relationship, where feelings are still harrowingly invested, the lyrics convey the struggle to finally let it go. From the slow moving slide of the guitar to the burning rise of the rhythm, the atmospheric quality captures the loneliness and uncertainty of the story. “Give It Up” is a brilliant display of Hana Kim’s emotional songwriting and breathtaking vocal performance ability, making it an absolute must listen.

Free MP3 “Give It Up” : https://soundcloud.com/mt-press/hana-kim-give-it-up


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