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Vancouver native Lynne Taylor Donovan found her vocation at the wee age of nine, when she received a guitar as a gift. Compositions soon followed, “pretty awful ones too,” by her own admission.

Fortunately, this would soon change. By age 16, she scored her own music TV show in Vancouver. Even bigger exposure ensued with her cover of the Gene Pitney song “Half Heaven, Half Heartache”; Donovan’s version found itself on the legendary BBC station. Soon enough, she was opening events for such acts as Alan Jackson, Wynona Judd and Loretta Lynn.  

Despite her triumphs, Donovan has encountered adversity — namely, breast cancer. But this “fiercely independent” soul has emerged unbeaten. And we now have such contributions as “Turn To Stone,” which has enjoyed play in “32 major markets” in Canada — basically the majority of major markets in the whole country. So let’s see what all of the holler is about…

“Turn to Stone”

From its very beginning, “Turn To Stone” is a highly animated and spunky affair. Donovan says early on that she’s “tired of it all,” but, quite frankly, I ain’t buyin’ it, ‘cause the song’s got too much energy for someone claiming to be so weary.

A steady stream of spirited and vigorous fiddle music adds to the sense of unfolding drama. On another note, is that a harmonica taking the place of a guitar solo? If so, that’s pretty badass.

The track “Sugar Lake” grooves on the hard rock side of country. Donovan’s vocals are given a broader showcase here, as they range from sassy to soulful.

About 2 minutes in, there’s a pretty brief but mean guitar solo. Is that Donovan herself on the six-string? Either way, it’s a fine song — prime fodder for the radio and Saturday night.

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