Andre Nickatina is also leaking two new assets from the project. One is the lead single “Candy Paint,” featuring fellow West Coast legend Mac Mall and the up-and-coming prince of pimp rap, 100s, which celebrates rap’s age-old obsession with shiny, brightly painted donks, boxes, and bubbles. The other is part one of a cinematic music video for the song, “Ho’ Lat” which features Krayzie Bone on the song version. Nickatina, who has more than seven credits to his name as a director, co-director, executive producer, producer, and actor, executive produced and conceptually developed this video, which mixes the rampage ass-kicking elements of GTA 5 with Michael Douglas’ film “Falling Down.” Says Nickatina, “The video shows a person losing it, someone who’s just been pushed over the edge and   snaps and goes on a rampage across town. I really like the chemistry that me and Krayzie Bone have on this song, [and] I felt like [the video] fit the vibe.”

Listen to “Candy Paint” here:

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