We all want to grow up to be rockstars. That’s actually a statistical reality. There’s been a 510% increase in independent musicians over the course of the last decade. What you write in your room, practice all night, put out there on stage: it’s easier than ever to get it in the hands of potential fans. The tools to grow your audience are easily accessible. The tools to grow as an artist — from mentorship to equipment — aren’t. Music software is complicated and expensive. If you want to start building a sound, it’s going to cost you.

BitTorrent believes that that emerging artists should have more, and more accessible options. So we’re partnering with LINKIN PARK and Open Labs to give the Internet’s musicians tools to make amazing. In this BitTorrent Bundle, sample Open Labs’ StageLight music software, gratis. Then, enter your email to unlock more ways to build your sound: the StageLight: LINKIN PARK Edition, featuring patches from the band’s library, plus nine tutorials, an interview with Mike Shinoda, and an exclusive 10% discount on SoundSlate Pro equipment.

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