Happy July and I hope you’re having a great month! Here in Atlanta, it seems as if it’s been raining almost every day by the amount of water getting dumped when it does rain! But that doesn’t stop us from “keeping it moving,” which is a common phrase I bring up often in my book, MUSICOLOGY 2101: A QUICK START GUIDE TO MUSIC “BIZ” HISTORY, now available in paperback at www.createspace.com/4142047… or contact me directly to get your own personally autographed copy! I’m pushing for it to be on sale for ½ price to all music organizations, like www.narip.com and www.gmia.org, so join one and build your musical net worth, today! This month, I want to present the first of two segments of book excerpts because I get to shed light on a few good friends, so let’s have at it, and watch out for a new single, 99 BOTTLES OF BEER! It’s the long-awaited American release from some other friends, Stephen Stone’s hot group Anything But Monday, the only female group on the planet who own a brewing company, MIROSA BEER……..
Let’s bring it back to the States through music releases my business partner Wade “J-3” Jones and I developed called the Exposer Series. Exposer 2 features great songs by my childhood friends Full Force–plus great local acts like Jack Beazly, Chimere, Dirty Soul, Trina Maxwell, Prime Time Players and 24/7. (Shoutout to Moses Dailey and Hearsay Records.) Shifting over to the accompanying music compilation for this book, Exposer 3, one gift the country of Nigeria gave to Atlanta by way of Detroit is a talented young artist named Onny. With parents hailing from a home base called Imo in Eastern Nigeria, her family moved stateside in the early 90’s to pursue “higher education, global awareness and greener pastures.” They lived briefly in Detroit, where our budding music artist honed her skills making an EP featuring 7 songs called He Got Swag. Also printed on the cover is Onny’s second name “Nakachi,” which is Igbo for “in the hands of God.” One of the tracks, a beauty called Ori Ihe G’Eme Ya, is featured on Exposer 3. After my business partner Wade introduced me to Onny in mid-2012, we began working with her in high level artist development mode, codename Operation A.D. To be blunt, details of our covert ops include secret sessions with noted choreographer Taz, who did top-notch work with hot girl group 3XL. Taz was brought into the picture by my other business partner, “Money” Mike Morrison. I met Mike when I managed his uncle Baba Oje, who was a member of Hip-Hop group, Arrested Development. Stay tuned for next month’s issue, when we pick up from here…
Photo — The EXPOSER 3 CD release, accompanies MUSICOLOGY 2101 book release
Music — Onny – Real Luv – www.reverbnation.com/onnyatpcr
Video — Anything But Monday – 99 Bottles of Beer – www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yIvV7pSgwE

LA Jackson – mkmmmw@gmail.com

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