“Welcome to the Machine” is a documentary analysis of the functionality in music business. This automatically makes the film a 100% documentary with comedy and drama, as well as 100% semi-investigative. In 12 chapters we’re trying to answer the question what the every day work life of a music star looks like.  

Website: www.welcometothemachine.at
Pre-order: http://www.seeofsound.com/p.php?s=MVD5776D
Hi Res Cover Art:   http://mvdb2b.com/i/300dpi/MVD5776D.jpg
More info and images: https://www.facebook.com/WelcomeTTMachine

What do you have to consider when starting a band? What is a manager actually doing? How do music media, band contests and other promotion strategies work? But most of all: Is there a formula for success? The film gives a clear answer to that, although that is to say that there are as many formulas for success as there are artists/bands. This is clearly shown in all the interviews, which have been taken with national and international stars during the production of “Welcome to the Machine”.

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