The second album from Eric & Magill, entitled Night Singers will be released July 23rd via Perfect From Now On. This is the follow up to their Two Travellers EP, released this past February.

Eric & Magill is Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman, originally from Milwaukee, they first played together in Camden, an indie favorite with shoegaze flavor. After only a handful of EPs and one stellar full-length — the gorgeous Reel Time Canvas, produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie) — they disbanded while on the brink of bigger things. After they broke up, Osterman followed his heart to Michigan and Weber enlisted Camden alum William Seidel to form the indie-folk outfit Decibully while moonlighting with The Promise Ring. Eric and Ryan are two long time friends and collaborators who work with an esteemed group of musicians to help create their unique brand of world infused indie rock.

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