D.O.A., the Hardcore Punk Kings are gearing up for a farewell tour of the America’s midwest and east coast this September. As well they will tour Europe and the U.K. this October. Canada’s punk godfather Joe Keithley will lead his talented henchmen: Dirty Dan Sedan (bass) and JJ Heath (drums) on a punk rock rampage to forty, soon to be shaken to the core, cities this fall. The Men of Action will employ their over the top, no holds barred, deafening combo of riffs, politics and humor to a wide collection of older D.O.A. classics, as well they will jolt you with some more recent nuggets as well. This farewell tour also serves as promotion for the latest studio album We Come in Peace and the upcoming D.O.A. double live album coming out in September entitled Welcome to Chinatown.

Link to video: http://bit.ly/19w9wPk


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